Top 10 online bingo playing countries

More players from Europe have played 'online bingo' on internet compared to other nations. presents a list of the 'top 10 online bingo playing countries' Infographics based on search volumes in one decade (April-2004 to April-2013). The presentation is based on search volume analyzed by Google Inc.'s public web facility arm – Google Trends. UK, Romania and Ireland are the top three countries whereas the US is positioned at number 9 ahead of Italy (the place where the first game of Bingo was played). The information below throws up a unique visual representation of how many people have search 'online bingo' on web.

World's Best Online Bingo Rooms (

The online bingo rooms powered by are some of the most popular online hangouts with plenty of jackpot opportunities around. There are several rooms where the American styled 90-ball bingo is held. Check out the million dollar room or the high roller room and discover progressive jackpots being held worth thousands of dollars every week. Cards prices are reasonable (begin from $.25 upto $3) rooms like Free Bingo rooms one can play bingo without paying a cent. Other immensely popular rooms quarters, nickels, dime, 90-ball room and the tourney room) .

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