Players Club

While our new bingo players enjoy the grand reception at BingoFlash with a flat 250% bonus for signing up, our loyal players can rejoice the amazing loyalty programs in our Players Club.

Well, that's just one of our ways to show how much we care for our players and appreciate their loyalty towards BingoFlash.

That's why BingoFlash is running a unique players club which is especially designed for our loyal players, giving them extra means to earn extra bonuses and exclusive prizes.

For being our loyal customer, we award you certain loyalty points for wagering at BingoFlash in addition to our ongoing promotions, large jackpots and generous chat BBs (bonus bucks). Collect these loyalty points and exchange them for beefy bonus offers.

How Do the Loyalty Points Work

Play on all your favorite games at BingoFlash and earn loyalty points. The amount of loyalty points varies from game to game. Have a look the table below:

Loyalty Levels

Based on the total number of loyalty points accumulated, we have ten loyalty levels at BingoFlash and on the basis of your loyalty level, you can earn the corresponding bonus offers. The table below lists various levels and associated bonus percentage:

Level Bonus Percentage Points Required
Level 1 250% 0
Level 2 10% 2-1000
Level 3 20% 1001-1500
Level 4 30% 1501-2000
Level 5 40% 2001-2500
Level 6 50% 2501-3000
Level 7 60% 3001-4000
Level 8 70% 4001-5000
Level 9 80% 5001-6500
Level 10 100% 6500-onwards

Isn't it a good way to boost your bingo funds, especially when you are low on them but you don't want to miss out on your favorite bingo games? So, speed up and start working your way up the loyalty ladder to enjoy the grand bonus offers.