Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

Click Here to create an account or go to the Sign Up page to set up an account. You can also click on the Join Now button on the homepage or the Create an Account at the menu on top. Make sure that you provide us with your accurate information in order to receive your winnings on time.

Once you complete the registration, BingoFlash will send you an e-mail with your Player ID Number and password immediately. Click on the "Login" link and enter your username and password.You can also use your Player ID and password to login. You can fund your account and then start playing immediately! All it takes is a minute or two. From our homepage click on Join Us and simply fill in the Registration Form that opens up. You'll be having fun and meeting new people in no time!

Do I have to spend ages downloading lots of software?

Absolutely not! You can click on the "Play Now" button as soon as you register yourself. You only need to have Flash Player 8.0 installed for the application to run. Absolutely not! As soon as you've registered, you can just click on Play Now at the top of any page on the site and dive right into the action without downloading a thing. Just make sure you have at least Flash Player 8.0 or above to run the game software.

I have forgotten my username or password, what should I do?

No problem. We can retrieve your password for you. Just click on "Forgot your password?" under the login box. We'll retrieve your login information from our server and send your forgotten Alias or Password to the email you specified while registering with us. If you find you're still unable to log in, simply contact our 24/7 Live Support at any time and they'll help sort everything out for you.

What deposit methods do you accept?

We accept a wide range of deposit methods, including credit cards and NETeller accounts.

NETeller (only NON US Customers): NETeller is a fast and secure online payment solution. Making a NETeller Deposit is very simple. Simply Login to BingoFlash and choose the "Fund Account" option. For more information on NETeller, visit

Online Credit Card Processing: You can also fund your account instantly using your Visa or MasterCard. Once you have logged into our Fund Account page, fill in the appropriate information. Select the amount you would like to purchase and click on credit. Once your account has been funded you will receive an authorization notice. Credit Card payments are safe as we have very secure systems in place and as a policy do not store or divulge your account information.

Transfer Money: Fund your account using your local Western Union branch. Contact us via Support for more information on how to send a Western Union.

Security is very important to Bingo Flash. We have put several mechanisms and precautions into place in order to make transactions as easy and yet as safe as possible.

  • All transactions are safe and secure transactions through SSL encryption.
  • All transactions are processed in US Dollars.
  • Our servers log all transactions.
  • We provide all players a complete record of their transactions.

How do I deposit money into my account?

Once you login, you can press the "Fund Account" button and choose your mode of payment. Specify your amount and you are set to go!

What is the minimum amount I can deposit?

You can deposit as little as $25 at one time. However, your deposit bonuses will be determined by your deposit history. Some bonuses require a minimum amount to be deposited in order for them to be claimed.

How do I withdraw my winnings?

You can simply go to your "My Account" and press the "Withdraw" button. All payouts are through mail and will take a week for processing.Withdrawal requests cannot exceed the Player Account cash balance. BingoFlash reserves the right to withhold any such payments until all financial transactions have been settled and cleared.Players may request a payout if they wish to close their Players account. Any unpaid or outstanding charges will be subtracted from their account balance in the event of charge backs.In ALL cases, BingoFlash reserves the right to withhold any such payments until all financial transactions have been settled and cleared.You can request a withdrawal at any time by clicking on Withdraw in the Cashier page. All your withdrawals will be listed as Aquapay transactions.

What are Loyalty Points (LPs)?

If you are a loyal and regular player at Bingo Flash, we will pamper you with all sorts of goodies. We will give you redeemable loyalty points on all your deposits. For more information, see our Loyalty Page. You get extra bonus money with every deposit you make.

Can I claim the free SignUp bonus then withdraw it without playing?

You can use your free bonus to play on BingoFlash but in order to make a withdrawal; you must either win a game or make a deposit. In either case, you cannot withdraw from your account before 15 days of making your account.

How can I close my account?

If you wish to close you account, please send a request to cancel to the customer service. If however, you wish to close the account because you have experienced dissatisfaction with our game or service, please let us know why. We are constantly striving to be better and greatly appreciate your feedback.

How do I change or update information?

If you would like to change or update information please send your new details to customer service by putting in a trouble ticket and we will make the changes.

How do I play Bingo?

  1. After logging in, click on "BINGO" on the top left corner.
  2. Choose a game type from the Bingo Game Selector menu. Currently we have 2 room choices, Quarters (all chat games held in there, 25 cent cards) High Roller (all 50 cent progressive games, Coveralls are $1 per card)
  3. After selecting one of the above choices, a new screen will open up. You will need to purchase bingo cards at this point. If you have a pop-up stopper you will need to disable it for this screen to show.
  4. You have another option of pre-purchasing games for a later time or date (Refer to point #7)
  5. To purchase cards simply click on the cards that you would like to buy and then choose "Buy Selected Cards". Once you have purchased the cards you will not be allowed to change them. If you have gone through the 24 cards and you would still like to choose different cards, you may click on "Get More Cards". Note: there is a maximum purchase of 48 cards allowed.
  6. All cards must be purchased before the game starts to play in that game.
  7. If you choose the pre purchase option, you will be able to choose the number of bingo cards, but you will not be able to see them prior to the game. If you would like to see or remove one or more of your pre purchases prior to the hour of the game starting, you can access your "Pre Order Cards" or "Pre Ordered Games" from your "My Account".
  8. If you have any other questions, or you are having problems with the software, please "Open Ticket" from the main screen.

Can I change my Alias?

This is a manual process; therefore, there are a couple of things you need to know in order to get your name changed. Send in a ticket to Customer Support with your NEW Alias (please provide 2 choices in case one is already taken).

  • Offensive nicks or those which promote other bingo sites will not be allowed.
  • Customer Support will handle your name change within 24 hours (longer over the weekend). If you do not follow this procedure, it may prevent any Bonus Bucks owed to you from being credited properly.
  • You will receive an email from Customer Support when the change is complete, you will then be able to login with your new alias.

PLEASE NOTE: You are allowed ONE (1) NICKNAME CHANGE per 30 day period on the last two days of the month only.